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Daily maintenance of double deck glass reactor for military quality
- May 25, 2017 -

Military quality double-layer glass reaction kettle made of high borosilicate glass production, chemical and physical properties of laminated glass with good interface on hot oil circulation, can be used for heating reaction through freezing liquid reaction at low temperature can be. The utility model can be reacted at normal temperature, and the tap water can be taken away quickly when the heat is reflected. Lower the material with flange and PTFE valve, the container has no dead angle, removable, easy to discharge solid materials.

Military quality double glass reactor life, in addition to the inverter and between glass and motor, the most important is closely related to daily maintenance. In order to prolong the service life of the double deck glass reactor and protect your interests, please read this section carefully. Double layer glass reaction kettle interlayer can offer high temperature reaction (the highest temperature can reach 300 DEG C), but also do low temperature reaction (the lowest temperature can reach -80 degrees C); and these daily work is very big damage in the double-layer glass reaction kettle so daily maintenance is as important.

The daily maintenance of military quality of the double-layer glass reaction kettle:

The interface 1, check whether the instruments with attention gently.

2, the interface can not be too tight to loose, regular meridians, avoid long-term lock lead connector killed.

3, with a soft cloth (available napkins substitute) wipe the interface, and then apply a vacuum grease. (after using vacuum grease to cover, to prevent dust entering. )

4, regular cleaning of the sealing ring method is: remove the sealing ring, check whether the shaft product dirt, wipe clean with a soft cloth, then coated with a little vacuum grease, can be re installed, to keep the shaft and seal lubrication.

5, PTFE switch can not everywhere over tighten, easy to damage the glass.

Unscrew the switch PTFE 6, after shutdown, long-term static will make PTFE deformation of piston in working condition.

7, first open the power switch, and then let the machine from slow to fast running, stop to a standstill to close the switch machine.

8, every time after use must use all kinds of stains, soft cloth to wipe on the surface stains, solvent residual, keep clean.

9, electrical parts must not be water, no moisture.

10, must purchase the original authentic accessories, free use of other accessories of machine will cause fatal damage.