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High-Precision DOUBLE BEAM UV-1200 UV VIS Spectrophotometer
- Nov 21, 2018 -

What is a Spectrophotometer?

Spectrophotometers are color measurement devices used to capture and evaluate color. As part of a color control program, brand owners and designers use them to specify and communicate color, and manufacturers use them to monitor color accuracy throughout production.

Spectrophotometers can measure just about anything, including liquids, plastics, paper, metal and fabrics, and help ensure that color remains consistent from conception to deliverys

The spectral reflectance curve provided by a spectrophotometer is commonly known as the color’s “fingerprint”.

What is the difference between a spectrometer and a spectrophotometer?

A spectrometer measures emission spectrum, as the light is focused on its entrance slit, dispersed and registered at different wavelengths.

A spectrophotometer measures the relative intensity of the light absorbed or reflected at a particular wavelength of light.

How does a spectrophotometer work?

A lamp provides the source of light. The beam of light strikes the diffraction grating, which works like a prism and separates the light into its component wavelengths. Absorbance is a measurement of light that is absorbed by the sample.