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Laboratory Chemical 100L Double Glass Reactor
- Nov 28, 2018 -

The features of glass reactor

  1.   It adopts AC frequency control of motor speed So the rev is steady , no spark appear, wide moment, safe, and can be used as the constant  working.

  2. All sets of glass apparatus are made up of GG17 or GG33 with the double-layer jacketed structure. The thickness of the glass is 5-7 mm with good chemical and physical properties.

  3. The teflon components  sealing method makes it in a state of high vacuum ,anti-acid and anti-alkali.

  4. It can work under the ordinary pressure and positive pressure and can reach the -0.098Mpa positive pressure.

  5. Constant temperature and numerical control oil bath pan, with beautiful and anti-corrosion stainless steel inner tube ,is controlled by the micro-computer which makes it work accurately, low fluctuation and conveniently.Five-mouth plane flange reactor cap is connected by the PTFE and is demounted easily with the characteristics of good sealing ,anti-acid and anti-alkali.

  6. The reactor stirring bar’s inner bellycore is made from the 321 stainless steel specially ,covered by the PTFE tube which has the strong ability to anti-acid and anti-alkali. The bar is manufactured by the application of military industrial technology, so it boasts finer work and is operated with facility.

  7. The drain hole contains the flange mouth and the PTFE drain valve which leave no dead angle and rudimental material. The whole set of drain valve can be easily demount   and the inside reactor can be  cleared conveniently.