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Standard Specification for 50L double glass reactor
- May 17, 2017 -

This double layer glass reaction kettle

I refer to foreign advanced technology, design and manufacture of 1-50L double glass reactor, as well as with the heating - cooling - refrigeration cycle device, welcome your choice. Double layer glass reaction kettle can provide high temperature reaction (circulating oil bath, the corresponding maximum temperature can reach 300 DEG C); double layer glass reaction kettle can do low temperature reaction (cryogenic liquid circulation system, the corresponding minimum temperature can reach 80 DEG C); double layer glass reaction kettle can be pumped into vacuum thus, vacuum reaction. Moreover, its unique design makes the test more secure, more convenient.

The working principle of double glass reactor is:

The temperature of the material in the reaction kettle is heated or cooled by a constant temperature (high temperature or low temperature) hot solution or a cooling liquid through a double-layer reaction kettle interlayer, and the stirring can be provided. The material in the reactor for reaction, evaporation and reflux, and can control the reaction solution after the reaction, the material can be discharged from the discharging port of the bottom, the operation is very convenient. Is a modern chemical sample, petroleum chemical industry, in the experiment, bio medicine and new materials synthesis of ideal equipment. It is convenient to control the reaction process for the reaction process

This special of Jane lies

The AC motor frequency stirring speed, stable and reliable operation, large torque, no spark.

The PTFE sealing components, can maintain a higher degree of vacuum.

It can work at atmospheric pressure and negative pressure, the negative pressure can reach -0.098MPa

NC - constant temperature oil bath (sets of electric heating, temperature control accurate and convenient (optional) frozen optional).  

The main body of stainless steel structure, beautiful and corrosion resistance.

The temperature control heating circulating oil bath, our company adopts microcomputer control, high precision, small fluctuation

Reactor mixing rod core with 321 stainless steel material, enhance the strength of corrosion resistance, military technology to create, work more refined, so that the operation is more handy.