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Rotary evaporator Maintenance instructions
- Jun 26, 2017 -

Rotary evaporator Maintenance instructions


1, carefully check the instrument before, glass bottle is broken, the interface is consistent, pay attention to gently handle.

2, with soft cloth (can be used instead of paper napkin) wipe each interface, and then apply a little vacuum grease. After using vacuum grease to cover, to prevent dust entering.

3, the interface can not be twisted too tight, should be regularly loose, loose, to avoid long-term locking, causing the connector to bite.

4, first open the power switch, and then let the machine from slow to fast turn, stop when you want to stop the machine in the state, and then switch off.

5, all over the Teflon switch can not be too tight, easy to damage the glass.

6, every time after use must use all kinds of stains, soft cloth to wipe on the surface stains, solvent residual, keep clean.

7, after the stop, unscrew each Teflon switch, long-term static in the working state, will make the Teflon piston deformation.

8, regular cleaning of the sealing ring method is: remove the sealing ring, check whether the shaft product dirt, wipe clean with a soft cloth, then coated with a little vacuum grease, can be re installed, to keep the shaft and seal lubrication.

9, electrical parts must not enter the water, is strictly prohibited to damp.

10, must purchase the original authentic fittings, optional use of other parts of the machine will cause fatal damage.

11, the machine to do any repairs or inspection, we must first cut off the power supply, water. Note that this equipment is fragile products, please use the user to handle with care, fragile goods damage is not within the scope of our warranty.