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TGL18 Table top high speed refrigerated centrifuge
- Nov 13, 2017 -

Our TGL18 Table top high speed refrigerated centrifuge is widely used in the field of medicine, life science, agriculture science, institute and so on, used in the area of protein precipitation, RNA extraction and clinical sample processing.

Main Features of low speed tabletop centrifuge 5000r/mim:

- Dualcore processor made it high speed and low speed compatible, larger capacity and small capacity compatible, which is new researched product by the actual requirements of international biological research. 
- Import compressors fluorine free, double cycle cooling, cold and hot alternating easily, free environment pollution and precise in temperature control. 
- Brushless frequency motor in great torque, no carbon dust pollution, unnecessary to maintain, quick in speed up and down. 
- Microprocessor control, digital display speed, temperature and time. Touch by Panel. Running parameters can be edited and changed to be RCF. 
-10 kinds of program stored in the memory, 10 kinds of accelerating and decelerating speed for your choice. 
- Automatically electric lid lock, super speed, over temperature protection and imbalance protection. The centrifuge body is made of high quality steel, safe and reliable. 
- Rotor is connected to spindle by specialized taper sleeve, loading simple and quick, no direction. 
-3 tiers protection steel cover, safe and reliable.TGL18.png