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The Introduction Of ROCTEC Jacketed Glass Reactors
- Sep 20, 2017 -

Special properties of ROCTEC jacketed glass reactors

  1. Jacketed glass reactor adopts AC frequency control of motor speed so the rev is steady, no spark appear, wide moment, safe, and can be used as the constant working.

  2. Jacketed glass reactor system use PTFE composite seal, it can maintain high vacuum degree.

  3. Jacketed glass reactor system use efficient condenser to ensure high recovery rate.

  4. The complete set of double-layer glass use GG17 high borosilicate glass with good chemical and physical properties. The thickness of the glass is 5-7 mm with good chemical and physical properties.

  5. The glass inner layer interface is added with hot oil, through the loop, it can do reaction under the condition of high temperature; the glass inter layer interface added with cooling fluid can carry on reaction under the condition of low-temperature.

  6. Double-layer glass reactor system can be added with tap water to quickly take away reaction heat.

  7. Double-layer glass reactor discharged material has flanged opening and PTFE valve, without dead angle inside the container, it can be demounted to facilitate the discharge of solid materials.

  8. Double-layer glass reactor has digital mixing motor, frequency conversion control, matched with a torque increasing of reducer.

  9. Double-layer glass reactor system reasonable structure and selected materials. The mechanical components use stainless steel and aluminum-alloy pieces, the glass pieces use high borosilicate glass with high temperature resistance and good chemical properties. Electrical components parts: the main components use original imported devices.

  10. Double-layer glass reactors cover opening design: constant pressure hopper opening (or as inlet), condensation reflux inlet, thermometer bushing opening, solid feeding opening (or as outlet) and mixing opening.

  11. Range of jacketed glass reactor stirring rate is 10-1100 r/min.

  12. The gas can be condensed through condenser system or release valve. 

  13. Control its pressure inside, by vacuum pump or pressure pump.    But the price of pump is additional. Now the glass reactor was had a pressure gauge, can display the pressure value, but there is no way to charge into the positive pressure or negative pressure, only display pressure.

  14. Our glass reactor is thermo resistant material.  Glass material is G3.3, and extreme temperatures: low temperature to -80 degree and high temperature up to 300 degree.

  15. This jacketed glass reactor has a heating jacket for oils, water to go through and heat.

  16. Warranty period is:  one year after the time that the demand side received the equipment.


ROCTEC jacketed glass reactor widely used in synthetic chemical, biological pharmaceutical, scientifically institute, etc.