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Attention Points About Reaction Kettle
- Jun 29, 2017 -

Attention points about reaction kettle

Shaanxi Pengzhan Technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2007, headquartered in China thirteen in the ancient city of Xi'an City, Hongkong an international trade company, is a research and development, production, sales and the scale of biotechnology for the development of science and technology import and export corporation. The company produces single / double glass reactor, ice maker, freeze drying machine, low temperature cooling liquid circulation pump, high and low temperature constant temperature circulating trough, gradient PCR instrument and so on. Biotechnology development products are: 1-DNJ, deoxy wild, mycophenolate, and other plant extracts; chemical products are: organic electroluminescent materials, organic intermediates, liquid crystal monomer and intermediates and other products. The company has a professional R & D team makes the product design and technology and international synchronization, and to seek a breakthrough and improvement in the changing needs of customers, business throughout the Chinese, America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Australia and dozens of countries and regions.

Double layer glass reaction kettle is a new glass reactor after years of improvement based on single multifunctional glass reactor and the realization of a convenient high and low temperature, and rapid warming, experimental process cooling requirements, modern laboratory, chemical, pharmaceutical, essential instrument materials synthesized by heart.

Inspection should be carried out before the installation of the newly installed kettle:

1, according to the instructions of the control instrument to connect the line, and check whether the instrument is normal, in the body bolt installation grounding wire.

2 before commissioning, the inlet and outlet of the cooling water jacket at the bottom of the mixer shall be connected before the test, and the temperature rise test shall be carried out. The heating rate shall be no more than 80 deg / h..

3, check the pipe connectors and fasteners is loose and tight, close the valve two

4, kettle cover opening, cleaning and installation: when you need to open the kettle cover, please first the temperature dropped to normal temperature, pressure relief, with a wrench to loosen the main nut evenly, the pot cover down on the bracket, and then internal clean-up.  

Should pay attention to: double-layer glass reaction kettle

1, in the glass faucet or feed pipe and other rotatable components on the use of vacuum grease, please choose a smooth viscous brand.  

2, if the mouth has been fastened or stuck, then forced demolition will cause broken glass, very dangerous.  

3. Loading the reaction medium shall not exceed the 2/3 level of the kettle body.  

4, at the end of the work is strictly prohibited with pressure demolition! The autoclave is not allowed to work under overpressure or over temperature.  

Attention should be paid to the maintenance of double deck glass reactor:

1, the use of double glass reactor, should carefully check the instrument, glass bottle is broken, the interface is consistent, pay attention to gently handle.  

2. Use soft cloth and paper napkin to clean each interface of double glass reactor, and then apply a little vacuum grease.  

3, double glass reactor, each interface can not be twisted too tight, should be regularly loose, loose, avoid long-term locking, causing the connector to bite.  

4, after the stop, unscrew each Teflon switch, long-term static in the working state, will make the Teflon piston deformation.  

5, first open the power switch, and then let the double deck glass reaction vessel from slow to fast turn, stop the machine should be in a stopped state, and then switch off.  

6, every time after use must use all kinds of grease, soft cloth wipe in the double-layer glass reaction kettle surface stains, solvent residue, keep clean.  

7. Clean the sealing ring regularly.

8, to double deck glass reactor do any repairs or inspection, must first cut off the power supply, water source.