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The Application Of ROCTEC Jacketed Glass Reactor
- Sep 07, 2017 -

ROCTEC jacketed glass reactor widely used in synthetic chemical, biological pharmaceutical, scientifically institute, etc.

 Circulation liquid of hot, cold or cryogenic can be filled into the jacket of reactor. Substance reacts by stirring under normal or negative pressure in glass container. Reaction process can be watched clearly through crystal reaction flask. Jacket Glass Reactor and three layer glass reactor is ideal equipment in library experiment or medium-production in modern biology and pharmacy, and is also applied in synthesizing materials in fine chemical industry. 

The function of glass reactors system (Features in Design):

The double-layer glass reactor system realizes one reactor severs several purposes in the experiment, satisfying diversify of aspects of different tests.  It can be used for the following reactions:

  1. Integrated jacket reaction flask has big caliber with good seal and high strength.

  2. Professional PTFE cover supports high speed stirring in vacuum.

  3. Five standard mouths can be used for multi-purpose according to customer needs. Standard frame, thermometer tube, and reflux condenser. (Customization available for special needs)

  4. More designs on safe and easy operation are applied on models of 5L and above.

  5. Vacuum stirring reaction

  6. High-temperature and low-temperature reaction

  7. Constant speed running mixing reaction

  8. Distillation, refulgence and condensation reaction.

  9. Negative pressure operation and separation

  10. To do the rectify through assembling the rectifying pillar.  Realize Reflow and distillation.

  11. Assembly the production line in accordance of the specific demands.  Customize new products based on clients’ different demands.