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What's The Functions Of Vis Spectrometers
- Oct 23, 2017 -

Vis spectrometer has following functions:

  1. Photometric measurement: fixed wavelength transmittance and the absorbance of samples

  2. Quantitative test: a coefficient method input C=KA+B and A=KC+B ;b standard sample test Max 9 sample make standard curve

  3. Automobile dynamics: fixed wave test sample graph change during the time

  4. Spectral scanning measurement: full wavelength, set random interval sample continuous measurements, display Max absorption peak

  5. DNA/protein test: built in a variety of measurement methods, count DNA/protein sample concentration degree and ratio directly

  6. Multi wave test: test sample absorbency, transmissivity and energy

  7. System apply: deuterium and tungsten lamp switch, wave calibration, Dark current calibration, record light source life, factory reset